Princess Audrey's Cupcake Recipe!

In Princess Audrey and the Perfect Present, Audrey learns how to bake Puck's favorite lemon cupcakes with blueberry frosting! These are the perfect summer treat, and I'm excited to share my recipe with you!

Here's What You Need:

For the Cake:

-Your Favorite Yellow Cake Mix

-1 Cup Water

-1/3 Cup Oil

-3 Large Eggs

For the Filling:

-Your Favorite Instant Lemon Pudding

-2 Cups Cold Milk

-Zest of 1 Lemon

For the Icing:

-1 Large Bag Powdered Sugar (32 oz)

-Juice of 1 Lemon

-Zest of 1 Lemon

-1 Teaspoon Vanilla

-1 Stick Softened Butter

-Milk as needed

-1 Cup Blueberries

**This recipe will also work with gluten free yellow cake mix and lactose free milk. Use your favorite substitute as needed. I recommend Pamela's Gluten Free Cake Mix and Lactaid Milk for best substitution results!

Here's How to Do It:

Step 1: Prepare your yellow cake mix per box directions.

TIP: Make sure not to over-beat your cake. Mix until just blended together to ensure you have a light fluffy cake, instead of dense and chewy.

Step 2: Bake your cupcakes per the box directions. Enjoy the sweet smells of cupcakes.

Step 3: While the cupcakes are baking, prepare your filling. Make your favorite instant lemon pudding per the box directions.

Step 4: Add fresh lemon zest to your pudding mix! This enhances the delicious lemon flavor!

Step 5: Refrigerate the lemon pudding for at LEAST one hour. By this time, your cupcakes will be perfectly cool and you'll be able to start on the icing!

Step 6: Time to make the icing! In your mixer, pour in half of your bag of powdered sugar in to your mixing bowl. (Pouring in the whole bag will result in a HUGE mess, just like Audrey made!

Step 7: Mix in one stick of softened butter, one teaspoon vanilla, and the zest and juice of one lemon.

TIP: If you don't have an official "zester", just use a grater! I find that the second to smallest option is usually the best for zesting lemons.

Step 8: Add in the rest of the powdered sugar and blueberries. Mix it all up.

Step 9: Add milk AS NEEDED. It's so hard to measure an "exact" amount of milk, because it depends on if you like a thick icing that you can pipe (use little to no milk) or a thin icing that you can dip the cupcakes into (use more milk).

TIP: Add the milk in a splash at a time. Pour some in, and blend it up. If it's too thick, add more. If you add TOO much milk, add some more powdered sugar.

Time to Assemble!

TIP: Make sure your cupcakes are COMPLETELY cool and your pudding is COMPLETELY set before you start to assemble the cupcakes!

Step 10: Spoon your lemon pudding in to a plastic bag. If you do not have a piping tip, you can just cut the corner off your baggie.

Step 11: Stab (for lack of a better word) the center of your cupcake with your bag filled with pudding and push it down into the cupcake. Squeeze the pudding while you pull the bag up and out of the cupcake. Make sure not to overflow the cupcake!

Step 12: Ice the cupcake! Since I like a thin icing, I spooned the frosting on to the center of the cupcake and let it drip down the sides. (Yum!)

Step 13: Top your cupcake with a single blueberry, just like Audrey did!

Step 14: Eat and ENJOY!

Then, make sure to share photos of your masterpieces on social media!


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