A Magical Evening at Give Kids The World Village

Princess Audrey found the magic wishing well in the Castle of Miracles!

Last night, I had the privilege to read "The Story of Princess Audrey" at the incredible organization, Give Kids The World Village in Orlando, Florida. And this storybook village is nothing short of magical.

Give Kids The World is a nonprofit resort in Central Florida that fulfills the wishes of children battling life-threatening illnesses by providing them cost-free vacations to the Central Florida attractions. But it does so much more than that.

In this Village, you'll find an Ice Cream Palace that serves ice cream for breakfast, a swimming pool right next to an incredible pirate ship, a playground that just so happens to be a life-size game board of Candyland, three rides that are accessible to all children, and a Castle of Miracles that is full of magic.

Author Kristen Waldbieser joined by Rugby and Reme at Give Kids The World Village

Every Tuesday night, Give Kids The World characters gather in the Castle of Miracles for a bedtime story. Last night, during story time, I joined Rugby and Reme, two adorable pups, to read "Princess Audrey" to the incredible children at this village. After reading the story, we all gathered together with Father Time, a magical singing grandfather clock, to sing a special goodnight song to the Castle.

That's Me (at 11) volunteering at Give Kids The World!

I've volunteered at Give Kids The World for many years now, my first time being when I was only 11 with my school group performing at their Winter Wonderland party. (Which, by the way, happens every week complete with Santa, a parade, and gifts for every child! A different themed party happens every night, as well as fun entertainment throughout the day! Every time I volunteer, I am amazed by the magic they create!

Reading "The Story of Princess Audrey" in the Castle of Miracles.

But what I truly love most about this Village, is that during their vacation here, every child truly is a princess, a prince, a pirate, a mermaid, or anything they want to be. They are fully immersed in the magic around them, and truly are royalty. They inspire me, just like Audrey, that nothing can stop you from shining brighter than any star.

If you're interested in learning more about Give Kids The World, visit their website here. There you can see a virtual tour, donate, or even learn how to get involved as a volunteer.

And, there's one more thing you can do. When you go to order your copy of "The Story of Princess Audrey", make sure to use www.smile.amazon.com and select Give Kids The World! It's the easiest way to be a part of the happiness that inspires hope, and create magic for so many little princes and princesses.


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