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Kristen Waldbieser is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, where she studied Creative Writing and Early Childhood Education. Her debut novel, Stories from the Magic Kingdom, became an Amazon best seller within it's first week of publication. She writes both children's books and novels, believing that everyone has a story to be told. 


"Stories from the Magic Kingdom is like an new walk with an old friend. Patrick and Kristen introduce new characters while involving familiar places, phrases, and attractions that are dear to every Disney fans heart!"

- Chris Malek, The Dub Dee Dub Revue

"The fact that Princess Audrey is in a wheelchair doesn’t stop her friends from including her in their activities or stop her from being part of their lives, and even saving the day.

This book has three stories all with the powerful message that they can be a shining star, no matter who they are."

- Melissa Gijsbers,  Read for Fun 

"We loved the variety between the different stories and how each tale was crafted to represent a land with story theme, characters and writing style. Disney buffs will certainly notice well placed phrases, tid bits of insider info, and nods to Disney knowledge."

- The Disney DINKs

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